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oopsies! small mystery bag ⟡ discounted prices!

oopsies! small mystery bag ⟡ discounted prices!

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perfectly imperfect stickers that are still good enough to use but dont meet the standards to sell at full price !



each large bag contains a combination of 10 small stickers. small bags contain 7 stickers. please note bags can contain two of the same sticker. sizes, paper, and finishes are random.

imperfections include: misaligned cuts, print quality issues, sizing issues, lamination bubbles, creases, or they were used for color tests!

if you order multiple bags, there is no guarantee that you will not receive duplicates.


Domestic (USA) orders containing only flat items will be shipped through USPS first-class mail. Tracking is not available.

Upgrade your order to USPS Priority Mail at checkout to receive tracking.


Laminated or not, to prolong the lifespan of the stickers, please avoid submerging them in water for extended periods of time or subjecting them to harsh scrubbing––water can seep into ink and under laminates!

Please note!

Since my stickers are handmade, please understand they are prone to minor imperfections. However, no product will have major errors unless otherwise stated (ex. oops bags or b-grade sheets).

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